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Natural Gas Conversion Info, Files & Plumbers

The Stone Lake neighborhood will  be converting to natural gas during the summer of 2013.  We understand that this can create a lot of anxiety and questions and the following information and documents are here to help you prepare your family and home for the upcoming changes.

 - Attention new residents! Introductory info about the natural gas conversion. -

Updates and Revised Documents - Last updated June 27, 2013

If you have not received your info packet from Hughes you can call them at 281-766-1290 and request they email you the packet. Or you can get a copy here:

The Information Packet includes information, a map, and Hughes rules, regulations, billing procedures, etc.

The Service Applicationcontains important papers, some of which must be returned to Hughes:

  1. Application for Natural Gas Service – Due back to Hughes June 17, 2013 & requires notary
  2. A letter of credit (also due by June 17th) from either Amerigas (call locally 281-356-8241) or your present electric provider showing your “on time” payments for the past twelve months in order to waive a Hughes security deposit of $235.00

    PLEASE NOTE the previous Letter of Credit the local office has been sending is not detailed enough. Amerigas now has a template that will meet Hughes NG needs. The letter needs to sight that your payments have been consistent and on time monthly over the past twelve months. If you need to request a revised letter, please call Amerigas at 281-356-8241, ask for Erica.

    If the letter of good standing is not received prior to initiation or is not sufficient, the $235.00 deposit will be billed on the resident’s first gas bill, along with their $45.00 Initiation Fee.
  3. Forms to set up automatic payment of bills to Hughes NG either by draft, credit card, or auto pay, if desired.
  4. Homeowner Checklist for your home conversion needs - Due after appliances are converted and before service is initiated at each resident’s home.
    • Residents will need to make sure that each column is filled out completely under each type of appliance they have that runs off of gas.
    • Residents should have a plumber assist in filling this information out
    • If an item is not being converted at the time of transfer, residents will still need to list the item and make a note at the bottom of those appliances that will be converted at a later date. (things like fireplace logs, BBQ pits, pool heaters, generators)
  5. QUITCLAIM DEED – Concerns the purchase of your yard gas line, what they will pay you for it, the conditions involved. THIS MUST BE SIGNED BEFORE A NOTARY, BY ALL PERSONS IN OWNERSHIP OF THE PROPERTY. Due before service can be initiated at each resident’s home.

This message is from Hughes regarding the June 17th due date for the Service Application:

If there is a special circumstance where someone cannot meet that deadline then of course we will handle that on a person by person basis.
You may want to also let them know that when getting the Quit Claim Deed notarized, we do require that all persons in ownership of the property must sign. They will need to have proper identification and both need to sign in front of the notary. If anyone has any questions regarding this or anything else please have them contact us and we will help in any way possible.

PLEASE NOTE!!! Hughes has asked everyone to be aware of taking care of their dogs and pets when Hughes starts conversions in July. Hughes is worried about some of the animals and they want to be sure pets are secure and will not be negatively affected or get loose.

Plumbers & Service Technicians

The following list of plumbers are not endorsed by the HOA and are just suggestions from fellow neighbors. When you call identify yourselves as Stone Lake Natural Gas Conversion Residents)

  • Mr. Rooter: 281-364-7077 - Kimberly
  • Lindsay Plumbing: 281-373-3333 - Matt Lindsey
  • Aramendia Plumbing: 281-810-9633 - Jason
  • Country Air: 281-356-8564
  • Silk Plumbing:  281-252-6711

Appliance supply houses – can get needed orifices or replace appliances if needed (don’t do AC/Heater, hot water heaters, total conversion, etc.)

  • Worthley Appliance, Tomball: 281-351-5166
  • ASI Appliance: 281-452-2121 (Kitchenaid, Whirlpool, Jenair, Amana)

Another resident has shared the following information if you have gas logs in the fireplace and need adjustments made:

Perfection Fireplace Inside Sales Department
6742 N. Eldridge Parkway
Houston TX 77041

If you are interested in exchanging your own Hot Water Heater, you can purchase a 50 gallon Rheem (sp?) Hot Water Heater from Moore Supply on 2920 in Tomball for $325.00. If you have further questions, please be in touch with Michael Harski (resident) or contact Moore Supply directly.

Agape Plumbing is no longer able to offer assistance during the transition but here are their recommendations for other (non-plumbing) vendors:

Diamond-Aire Mechanical
Rick Koenig

Appliance assurance LLC
Albert Hernandez

Perfection Supply

Cunningham Gas

Pool Heaters:
Doctor Pool
Deven Perry

» Historical information for the natural gas conversion

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